WATCH: Karl Stefanovic Could Not Give Less Of A Shit About Pippa Middleton

Karl Stefanovic is having a hell of a week in terms of letting his employers know what he thinks of their content.

A few days ago he absolutely cracked it with the media circus surrounding Schapelle Corby‘s extradition to Australia, asserting that everyone in the media was “made to look like idiots” as a result of the coverage.
Today, old Karlos has gone and thrown his hands up one more time for the week, this time at the ridiculousness of a filed yarn about a certain on-going royal (or, y’know, royal-adjacent) visit.
Pippa Middleton and her husband quietly slipped into the country for a honeymoon with her husband James Matthews. The ensuing media coverage has thus far produced bizarrely constructed stories about a ride on a water taxi and the royal relative’s choice of attire.
This morning, ‘The Today Show‘ filed the “exclusive scoop” update of Matthews idly wandering around a hotel balcony in Sydney, with a camera crew and a reporter dispatched to cover the story as it continued to “unfold.”
Karlos, having none of it, sarcastically praised the clearly breaking and very important news, bursting into fits of laughter as co-host Lisa Wilkinson and newsreader Sylvia Jeffreys both struggled to contain themselves.

Very much enjoying Karl’s self-appointed new role as the Media Watch of breakfast TV, truth be told.

Source: YouTube.