WATCH: Julianne Moore Cries On Cue Like The Gun She Is, Acts For Tips

Blessings be unto the sheer glory that is Billy on the Street, for gifting us a video series where Billy Eichner‘s madcap energy can be channeled into shouting into the faces of unsuspecting people on the streets of New York City.

Whilst his usual modus operandi consists of “drag famous person around and shove them in people’s faces and laugh when they don’t get immediately recognised” – because as it turns out, immediate facial recognition doesn’t really work so well when there’s a camera crew and a shouty man suddenly in your face.
BUT ANYWAY. Today’s magnificent instalment features Billy dragging Julianne Moore around, utilising her mammoth acting talent in exchange for tips.
Moore, on command, casually belts out on-point renditions of some of her lines from The Kids Are Alright, Magnolia, and even the famous “vagina” speech from The Big Lewbowski.
Hell, she even cries on command – much to the utter bemusement of an adorable Asian tourist who, bless him, just wanted to get his photo taken with Cookie Monster.

Seriously though, that bit of Cookie Monster slinking away like his heart’s just been ripped out?
Could watch for days. DAYS.
via Uproxx.