WATCH: Judd Apatow/Netflix’s Promising New Comedy “Love” Drops Teaser

If the gap in your heart left after burning through all of Master of None or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is filling your Netflix and chilling soul with woe, you can start to breathe a little easier.

The streaming giant is gearing up for the release of comedy maestro Judd Apatow‘s brand new series Love, which is set to hit screens-of-various-devices on February 19th.
Love is Apatow’s first major project since he served as director on the Amy Schumer-star vehicle Trainwreck, and represents his first significant writer project since 2012’s This Is 40 (save for the odd episode of Girls here and there).
The scripted comedy series – reportedly a “down-to-earth look at dating” – is set to revolve around a people-pleasing nice bloke called “Gus” (played by Paul Rust, who you might remember from such movies as I Love You, Beth Cooper) who moves into a raucous, trendy apartment complex where he meets “Mickey” (TV’s Gillian Jacobs, y’all!) – a wild child who hates her job at a satellite radio station – and together they embark on simultaneous voyages of self-discovery where one helps the other and they both figure out this whole “love” thing slowly. You get the picture.
The teaser dropped today doesn’t have any actual footage in it, but it does contain the irreverent tone Apatow is known for – along with the kind of grounded sensibilities that are currently somewhat en vogue when it comes to “realistic” comedy series.

The ten episode first season will drop all at once on February 19th. The show already has an order for a 12-episode second season. Strap in.
Source: /Film.