WATCH: Johnny Howard Is 100% Not Sorry About Jumping Into The Iraq War

In case you haven’t been following, the colossal failures of the Iraq War are big news again. Why? The Iraq Inquiry in the UK has turned in its 2.5 million word verdict which painstakingly documents the brazen carelessness with which Tony Blair‘s Labour government stumbled into the war.

You might remember that Australia was particularly gung-ho about diving in as well – John Howard led us in almost as quickly as the United States and the UK. But Australia hasn’t had an inquiry as extensive as the UK’s, which was painstakingly conducted and headed by former public servant Sir John Chilcott.
MP Andrew Wilkie used the damning results of the report to condemn Howard, who he believes ought to stand trial for war crimes alongside Blair and George W. Bush.
Howard fronted the media today, and he doesn’t think he has anything to apologise for.

The hundreds of thousands that died are regrettable, says Howard, but he still thinks it was the right decision at the time. 
Despite the fact that many were saying back in 2003 that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Saddam Hussein‘s possession, and that Iraq presented no immediate threat which necessitated a pre-emptive invasion, he still thinks that based on the info it was the right choice. Mmm.
Watch the whole press conference below, if you like. There are a couple of comments towards the end about his experience with Pauline Hanson that are worth hearing.

Source: ABC.
Photo: ABC.