WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Returns To TV With An Update On His New Baby’s Health

Last week must’ve been a hell of a time for Jimmy Kimmel.
The host of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘ had to take an unexpected break from the show, after his newborn son William “Billy” Kimmel ran into health issues from more or less the moment he arrived.
Hours after little Billy was born, he was being whisked into emergency open heart surgery to treat a congenital heart defect that was spotted by an eagle-eyed nurse at the Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles.
Though surgery was successful and Billy will eventually recover and live a normal life, a clearly stunned and emotional Kimmel fronted his show last Monday night to address the issue before taking the rest of the week off to look after his family as friends from the industry stepped in to help fill his hosting duties.
Earlier today Kimmel gamely returned to his usual gig, and gave everyone an update on Billy’s condition, as well as to address media criticism that was bafflingly levelled at him from conservative outlets following his tearful monologue.
The good news, the little mate is doing very well and is totally adorable.
Kimmel specifically singled out Newt Gingrich (who apparently has the 411 on the “problem with humour in America“), as well as a pair of articles – one in the New York Post that accused Kimmel of “obscene lies,” and one that labelled him an “elitist creep” – that took exception to Kimmel’s heartfelt assertion that no child in America should be denied health care because they can’t afford it.

The extended chat with Republican Senator Bill Cassidy feels a little softball and pandering in parts, but the Senator is one of the few from the GOP adamant about removing exclusions for people with pre-existing conditions from the Trump bill that tore down and seeks to replace Obamacare. So at least there’s that.
Bottom line though, the little lad is gonna be a-ok. And that’s a real good, real nice thing.
Onya, Billy!

Source: YouTube.