The only good thing, and we do mean only good thing, to come out of a potential Donald Trump Presidency is that it would be extraordinarily fertile ground for comedy. Perhaps even more so than the George W. Bush years, if you can believe that.

So with Trump’s official nomination for US president by the Republican Party earlier today, the positive way to spin things is to say STRAP IN FOR SOME QUALITY LAUGHS, PEOPLE.

And it’s already begun, with Jimmy Fallon blowing the dust off his remarkably good Trump impression for The Tonight Show, delivering a mock Republican National Convention speech that took digs at Melania Trump‘s not-even-a-little-bit-subtle speech plagiarism, Trump’s weird-headed son Eric, the human version of the opening bars of ‘The Sound of SilenceChris Christie, and an A+ gag about Scott Baio and his inexplicable appearance at the convention.

After 8 years of fine-upstanding-gent Barack Obama being all eloquent and good and stuff, it’s time for American to make political comedy great again.

*grits teeth* Alright. Let’s do this.

Source: YouTube.