WATCH: Jen Hawkins Sips Tequila, Gets Loose-Lipped On Secrets To Success


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When they’re not being really, really, ridiculously, professionally good-looking, Aussies Jennifer Hawkins and Jake Wall are quietly adding to their entrepreneurial CVs – there’s the property portfolio, worth an estimated $7m, plus endorsement deals, trademark brands, TV contracts and Jake’s construction business. 
And, as of very recently, they’re tequila connoisseurs who’s just launched their very own brand of the good stuff, called Sesión Tequila. Meaning whale’s vagina “session” in Spanish, it’s top-shelf stuff that’s easy on the budget and the perfect base for almost every summer cocktail that tickles your fancy.
The JJs recently hosted an epic tequila launch party at a private mansion in Sydney’s Point Piper, and P.TV was there for shoulder-rubbing + an interview with the couple to address tough questions, like ‘What’s the chic way to drink tequila?’ (hint: it’s not shots, ok guys). 
You can pick up a bottle HERE, and hope it’s spiked with some sort of elixir of model-good looks.
“Just drink it”

Amen, sista.