We’ve all got a favourite sappy ‘Simpsons‘ moment. Maybe it’s the iconic ‘You are Lisa Simpson‘; maybe it’s the ending of ‘Marge Be Not Proud (love that putting challenge); maybe it’s anything to do with Bleedin’ Gums Murphy.

For me, it’s the B-Sharps. (Don’t judge me – a Beatles origin story AND barbershop music? What’s not to love?!)

Which is why we should all be thrilled about this latest jewel that the internet’s tossed up from its otherwise ruinous gullet: a very sweet-sounding bunch of Irish lads, doing ‘Baby On Board‘ on a Dublin pub roof (okay, balcony). 

Sure, they’re not a barbershop quartet (technically they’re actually a chamber choir, which is almost better), but ain’t that a nice instalment in the series of Simpsonsscenescomingto-life we’ve been copping lately. Now do ‘We Put The Spring In Springfield!

Source: Independent

Image: Facebook / The Ramparts.