WATCH: Insane Footage From Blazing Emirates Plane Shows Passengers Fleeing

Last night, an Emirates plane which landed at Dubai International Airport caught fire with 300 passengers still inside. 

The fire was large and billowed smoke as passengers and crew scrambled to exit the aircraft; the flight crew managed to evacuate the entire plane ‘within minutes’. 
Today, footage has emerged from a range of different sources to show just how big the fire was during the terrifying incident. 
One video in particular is actually filmed inside the aircraft while the plane is on fire, and the passengers are trying to get out:

Plus another of the initial explosion, filmed from inside the airport:

And finally, footage of passengers running across the tarmac away from the plane as it billows smoke:

And this is what the plane looked like after:

There were 282 passengers and 18 crew members on board; luckily all are safe. 

There were 2 Australians on board the air craft; one was the co-pilot of the plane.

One firefighter, Jasim Issa Mohammed Hassan, tragically passed away while attempting to control the blaze. 

No cause has been established for the blaze at the current time. 

Source: Twitter.