WATCH: “House Of Cards” Sneaks Cheeky S04 Premiere Vid Into GOP Debate

The Republican Presidential nomination race is getting closer and closer towards its pointy end – much like a train without brakes hurtling towards the end of the line – and the US is currently enduring another GOP Debate where candidates such as Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Donald Trump all make pandering statements about how to make America great again.

Meanwhile, as eyes across the globe are glued into that, Netflix has taken the opportunity to do a little on-brand promotion of its flagship series House of Cards, by sneaking President Frank Underwood‘s re-election campaign launch into proceedings.
The show aired a campaign video – complete with the usual political stock footage like running children, blue collar workers, and military servicemen returning home – featuring Kevin Spacey at his charming best, as the show’s fictional Prez gears up to grab the favour of the public once more.

The show itself is preparing to drop its fourth season on March the 4th, which you’ll be able to absorb all at once via Netflix.

It’s a new day (for America), yes it is!
Source: Refinery29.