WATCH: Hillary Given ‘What To Expect’ Tips From ‘Straya’s 1st Female PM

Recent forecasts are showing that Donald Trump‘s numbers are flailing like a racist/sexist orange fish out of water, and so it’s looking more and more likely that Hillary Clinton will nab the spot of President of the United States of America
ICYMI, Hillary just so happens to be a woman. While the US doesn’t yet know what it’s like to have a woman run your country, Australia sure as heck does
You might recall the downright gross treatment of Australia‘s first female Prime Minister? It was so, so bad, you guys. 
Remember the sexist nicknames, or when a certain opposition pollie did his press conference in front of a sign that said ‘Ditch the Witch’, or even when 2GB‘s Alan Jones suggested that she should drown? Nope, that wasn’t a bad dream, allllllllll of that actually happened. 
So, US pop culture Fusion has gone through it all in a comedic (but quite serious) rundown of what Hillary has to look forward to, just so she’s prepared. 
The site (whose ‘Head of Satire’ is Aussie comedian Dan Ilic) has teamed up with Aussie Youtuber Maude Garrett, who lays it all down for Hillary – the names, the threats, all of it. 
It should be mentioned however, that Julia actually did this herself several months ago. 
She penned an op-ed for the New York Times putting forward her public support for Hillary, but also giving her an eloquent but heartbreaking idea of what a woman in a country’s most powerful position can expect. 
In celebration of its recent 4th anniversary, here is Julia Gillard‘s innately fabulous and utterly iconic 2012 ‘Misogyny Speech‘, in which she goes motherfuckin’ HAM on Tony Abbott in parliament for sexist behaviour:
Source: Fusion.