If cartoons taught us anything as kids, it’s that the world is a magical place where gravity only works once observed, low-quality ACME products are unreasonably popular, and all forms of air are interchangeable for helium.

WATCH: Hero Saves Drowned Kookaburra W/ Mouth-To-Mouth & Air Compressor

While reality is much, much worse than what we were promised, every now and then we get close to that beautiful cartoon world.

For us, today is one of those days, with footage emerging of a man bringing a kookaburra, aka Australia’s Number One Bird, back to life via goddamn air pump.

The video, courtesy of the man’s son and a Youtuber simply known as Oxygnn, begins after the bird had apparently hit a glass wall, fallen in the pool, and was drowning, close to death.

While the man valiantly attempted CPR, complete with mouth-to-beak, Oxygnn said they needed a little more juice. Enter the air compressor:

“The CPR was working okay but he needed something more strong so he brought something else into the scene.”

“This thing pumped large amounts of air very fast. My father placed the tube in the bird’s mouth and turned it on which straight away brought him back to life.”

And unlike old mate Shrek up there, the man did not immediately tie up this poor animal. He simply helped the little trooper up, comforted it a bit, and watched it slowly recover on a nearby fence.

Check out the footage out below, and know that, at least for once, the world is filled with both magic and heroes:

Source: Daily Mail.

Photo: Youtube / Oxygnn.