WATCH: Here’s The Vid Of The Qantas CEO Copping A Pie To The Face

Hitting someone in the face with a pie is an ancient form of expressing political dissent. While very rarely lethal or injurious, it is still a thoroughly embarrassing and highly inconvenient practice to inflict upon an enemy. 
As an example, here’s Bill Gates getting double tapped with pies some time around 1999:
As you might have seen, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce got smacked in the chops with a pie this morning at a meeting in Perth.
For reasons yet unknown, the assailant marched swiftly across the stage and pie-holed Joyce’s pie-hole before being grabbed by security. 
As baffling and funny of a concept as that is alone, it gets even moreso when you see the video of it. The man, who looks unbelievably serious for a man who is about to commit the silliest crime, is committed with a straight-faced urgency and timing that I can only as ‘Pythonesque‘.
Please watch this ridiculous act:

Just in case you didn’t get a proper look at this man:

Joyce has said that cops will be looking into it:
“I think the police need to investigate this. This is in the hands of the police and we should let them do their investigation.”
Source: Perth Now.
Photo: Twitter / @clarissap83.