WATCH: Harry Styles Just Got Roasted By The BBC For His Taylor Swift Song

Poor Harry Styles. He just wants to commit to his new carefree rock god Jagger/Bowie hybrid persona, and no-one is letting him – not the fans losing it over missing out on tickets to his insanely small-venue Australian tour, not the news outlets chortling over his failed first stage dive, and definitely not the BBC
In an interview with Radio 1, the 22-year-old just about melted out of his seat with embarrassment when the questions about that song started in. 
You know which song we mean – the one fans have been minutely dissecting from a 30-second clip, the one with lyrics about “red lips” and “white shirts”, the one that’s pretty, pretty, pretty likely to be about Styles’ brief but intense relationship with one Taylor Swift
But bless him, he just was not ready to give it away. And that’s fine by us, as the interview has given us this absolute corker of a diptych:

Watch the full thing below and enjoy a vicarious taste of the sudden, chilling realisation that your breakup songs are about to be analysed in agonising detail by millions, and these bloody interviews are probably only the start.

Gotta learn to dodge those questions a bit better, mate! 
(Bonus reaction image:)

Oh, and you can listen to that new song right here:
Love u, Haz.

Source: BBC. 
Image: Twitter / @HarryMexOficial.