This might be the hottest take you’ll see this morning: Don’t fuck with bears. In our opinion? It’s a bad decision.

And grizzly bears? Nuh uh. Don’t tangle with ’em. It’s not gonna end well for you.

‘Course if you happen to be tougher than boot leather then you can just about feel free to do whatever you want. But if you fancy yourself to be harder than a cat’s head, then this is the measuring stick you’ve gotta hold yourself up against.

In the US state of Montana, right in the heart of bear country, lives a man by the name of Todd Orr. Mr Orr, as it turns out, is something of an adventurer. But trouble struck recently when he encountered a full grown and extremely shitty grizzly and a pair of cubs.

After somehow fending off the attack (he “bear sprayed the shit out of her“) Orr then walked a casual 3 miles with a possible broken arm and literal bits of him hanging off all over the place, before finding the time to capture everything on video before popping off to the hospital to get himself stitched back together.

If you’re squeamish about blood and such this is gonna be an absolute nightmare for you.

It’s the casual-ness of the whole thing that’s doing us in. Just survived being half-eaten by a freaking bear? No problem. Better reel off a quick vlog before I seek any medical attention.

Want more? Cop this absolutely bloody harrowing first person account of the whole ordeal that Orr posted to Facebook.

Key phrase:

“I snapped a couple quick photos and a video of my wounds, laid some jackets over the truck seat and headed for town. I stopped a rancher along the way and asked him to make a call to the hospital. When I got into cell service, I made a quick call to my girlfriend to ask how her morning was going, before freaking her out and asking her to bring me a change of clean clothes to the hospital. Another call to 911 and I gave the operator a quick run down of my injuries and asked her to call the hospital and give them a heads up that I was ten minutes out. Moments later I was met at the front door by the doctor, nurse and an officer. I had to ask the officer to open the door, put my truck in park, and unbuckle my seat belt. My left arm was useless. He was impressed I had taken the effort to buckle.”

There’s tough people. Then there’s a dozen acres of daylight. And then there’s this hardass sitting proudly atop the pile, with his arm in a sling he probably fashioned out of a belt and the skin of a lesser bear.

Source: YouTube.