WATCH: Hannibal Buress Took A Bunch Of Adderall And Went On ‘The Project’

Let’s start with some heavy editorialising: Hannibal Buress is a goddamn legend. You might know him as the chill dentist from ‘Broad City‘, you might know him as the chill co-host from ‘The Eric Andre Show‘, you might know him as the chill standup comic behind the best 90 seconds about apple juice ever committed to comedy:
The Project‘ tonight graced us with one of those shining, beautiful moments where their celebrity guest is someone actually cool and amazing and, as I’m sure you’ve determined, that person was none other than Hannibal himself.
The team spoke on such diverse topics as Adderall (“I took 5 Adderalls, to fight through the jet lag. Is Adderall a drug here?“) and how it felt going viral with a video calling Bill Cosby a rapist:
“Mostly it doesn’t feel good in interviews talking about it 15 hours from home, but… it’s crazy.”
Fair enough. Most importantly, though, he was on the show to promote his new book (note: it is very definitely not his book), entitled “AFL: My First Numbers” (again, absolutely in no way shape or form his book, and it’s very unclear as to why he has a copy of it).
Want to watch a comedian teach a bunch of grown adults count from 1 to 15? Of course you do:

Source and photo: Channel 10.