WATCH: Hamish Blake Dazzles As ‘Chlamydia’ In ABC’s ‘Luke Warm Sex’

Sex and the act of boinking responsibly. It’s not always fun to talk about, but it is necessary, and ABC‘s new series Luke Warm Sex is looking like it’ll manage to insert the former into the latter rather well.

It stars comedian Luke McGregor (“OHHHHHHH, I geddit” – everyone), who is on a mission to improve his talent in the sack from ~luke warm~ to piping hot, by means of talking to sexperts, sex therapists, tantric practitioners, sexual empowerment coaches, and, probably, himself, every morning before he goes in to film.

Here’s his actual quote about the series, which we can’t tell if its comedy, truth, or crippling anxiety disguised as comedy (the likely winner): “The main reason I chose to do this series was because I wanted to get better at sex. I thought I was terrible at it, I really didn’t like talking about it, and the act itself always terrified me.”

So, yeah. Sex. And how to do it better. That’s the gist of Luke Warm Sex, but if the newly-released trailer is anything to go by, they’ll also be dedicating precious minutes to talking about safe sex.

Here it is, starring Hamish Blake in a career-defining turn as ‘chlamydia’:

“Hi, I’m Chlamydia. Your new housemate.” Luke McGregor is joined by some familiar faces in his new series #LukeWarmSex. Starts Wed 16 Mar 9pm.

Posted by ABC TV on Thursday, 3 March 2016

Someone, quick, get the man a Logie. Or if you want to see if Luke can research his way to five-star smanging, tune into ABC on Wednesday 16 March @ 9pm.

Source / Photo: ABC.