WATCH: Ghostface Killah Drags Über-Douche Martin Shkreli To Hell & Back

We’ve been over this before, but Wu-Tang ain’t nothin’ to fuck with.

And yet. AND YET.

Ghostface Killah has deigned to slap down Martin Shkreli, again, following the ‘pharma bro’s’ latest fatal misstep.  The title of his new video promises to kill Shkreli verbally, politically and emotionally after his recent, poorly-thought out swipes at Ghost.

Hoooly doooly, the vid comes through.

Verbal blows that’d crush anyone with a conscience flow, including gems like “I don’t know how we came to this, Ghost vs. Peter Pan in 2016, you know what I mean?”

“All he can do right now is try to fly away in front of my face.”

Bonus points go to Killah here for dipping into his monstrous knowledge of cartoonish goonery to dispatch Shkreli’s fake-a-hell hardman act. Case in point: “You a killer, man. But you’re a soft killer.”

The follow-up is brutal in new ways: showing up Shkreli’s pharma rep by showcasing the goodwill Ghost has built in the medicinal sphere himself. Does he aggressively hawk his own product in the same breath? Yeah. Does he increase the price of the drugs by 5000%? Nah.

For all the nay-sayers out there who reckon this is aaall just a publicity play from the exec? Well, what kind of strategy involves actively becoming the nemesis of this guy?

Just stay down, dude. 

Source and photo: YouTube.