WATCH: Gaze Upon This Sinkhole Slowly Swallowing A QLD Backyard And Weep

It’s fair to say that everyone’s childhood fear of quicksand kind of evaporated at some point when we all realised how exceedingly rare it is, and was instead replaced by a searing adult fear of sinkholes which are things that can happen ANYWHERE AND LITERALLY EAT THE GROUND BENEATH US.
And if you’re in any way squeamish about the thought of one of these clearly bloodthirsty signs from God that he wants us to hasta luego off his damned lawn tout bloody suite, you might want to look away now.
A backyard in Ipswich is in dire danger of becoming lunch for a vengeful planet, as the core of the earth rises up to claim the turf as tribute.
The giant sinkhole has been captured in-action by 9 News helicopters and sweet jesus it looks hectic.

Nope. NOPE.
But oh wait, there’s more!


The hole is apparently some 6 metres in diameter, and at one point was even sporting its own Bellsprout.

Residents in the affected property have been moved to safety, and local council officials are on the scene to assist. It’s reported that the cause of the hole was the collapse of an old mine shaft nearby.

Again, we say repeatedly: