WATCH: Extended Cut Of Auburn Deputy Mayor’s ‘Best Wedding For 2015’

ICYMI, Auburn’s Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer gifted Australia its “BEST WEDDING FOR 2015” over the weekend, when he married now-wife Aysha in a total clusterfuck that included, but wasn’t limited to:

– 4 helicopters
– 35 cars with a value of $50M
– 45 Harley Davidsons
– 40 drummers
– 8 groomsmen
– 8 bridesmaids
– 1 Missy Higgins to perform at the reception
– A seaplane
– A private jet
– A leaflet in Lidcombe residents’ letterboxes falsely claiming a street closure to accommodate the cavalcade.
The couple’s next-level pre-wedding video, put together by media company True Dreams Media and titled a “must watch”, sees Salim re-creating the first moment he laid eyes on Aysha at Sydney Uni. 
It goes a little like this: clumsy girl drops books, boy comes to her rescue, worlds collide etc etc.
We thought that was it, because how the fuck do you top that.
Turns out the couple employed wedding video company Iconic Films to shoot and produce a ‘same day’ cut of their wedding day, to be turned around in less than 24 hours.
Here’s what Iconic Films had to say about working with the Posh and Becks (circa 1999) of Sydney.
“In all our years in the wedding industry, we thought we had seen it all. One groom however, decided to prove us wrong.

Salim and Aysha’s wedding was substantial in numbers from 4 helicopters, 35 cars, 45 bikes, 40 drummers, 8 Groomsmen, 8 Bridesmaids a Seaplane and a Jet all for 1 GROOM and 1 BRIDE.

The production was on a grand scale, from 3 drone operators, 5 cameramen and 2 editors. Including a deadline to produce a same day edit to be showcased to their 500 guests!” 

Here’s the full cut: 
Highlights include but, again, aren’t limited to, close-up shots of Salim having his hair coiffed:

~ Salim & Aysha 4ever ~