We’ve come a long, long way since lettuce, haven’t we Bill?

Thanks to a combination of improving opinion polls, the Turnbull government’s mounting woes and even a touch of voice training, Labor leader Bill Shorten is probably the most confident he’s been since the day before Tony Abbott got rolled. 

That confidence showed itself tonight on The Project, as Shorten was questioned about a largely un-zingerable topic of banking reform. Well, wee William decided he has tired of treasurer Scott Morrison’s blustering attacks, so he let this one loose:

WATCH: Even Bill Shorten Can’t Believe He Did A Zinger On ‘The Project’

If you’re interested in what else the Opposition Leader had to say outside of his cheeky jibe, you’ll be pleased to know the preceding few minutes of banter focussed on Shorten’s proposed plan for a Royal Commission into the financial sector. 

It’s worth it, just to hear the timid “oh well” come out of his spicy-hot lips. He can’t even believe he’s just dropped that heat, and his aww-shucks follow-up is a result of the empathy he feels for his poor, poor victim.

Anyway, quips aside, the upcoming election is no longer the whitewash many thought it was destined to be. Have a look at the clip below: 

Source and photo: The Project / Twitter.