WATCH: Emma Stone, Colin Firth In ‘Magic In The Moonlight’ Trailer

Well, look. You can’t fault Woody Allen‘s work ethic, at the very least. Like the horrible, regular ticking over of time, so too has the time come for the release of Allen’s annual film; an exercise in keeping busy so as to prevent being home for any extended period of time and thus having to deal with his personal problems.

The newest offering from the auteur’s pallate is Magic In The Moonlight, and fans with a keen eye for Allen’s work will notice a slew of similarities in the trailer that more or less amount it to a Woody Allen clip show. The latest in the filmmaker’s European series – which began with the excellent Match Point and arguably peaked with the even excellenter Midnight In Paris – features Emma Stone as the typical odd female lead, and Colin Firth as a British man who resembles Colin Firth.
Although with all that said, our very own Jackie Weaver gets a trot in the film, and any reason for more screentime for Jackie Weaver is a damned good reason as far as we’re concerned.
Magic in the Moonlight is out July 25th in certain places across the globe that may or may not be Australia.