Unsurprisingly, the dude who smoked weed on the steps of Sydney Town Hall today, Jesse Willesee, got just one toke into him before police arrested him for self administering a prohibited drug. 

Image via the 420 Protest’s Facebook event

Willesee was protesting the current illegal status of marijuana, and last year gained notoriety after being photographed smoking weed outside six Sydney police stations, and Parliament House. He told the Daily Telegraph in 2013 that he uses marijuana to help treat ADD and ADHD due to traditional medications not being effective. 

He also believes recreational use should not be criminal, saying, 

“In many parts of America, where I grew up, it’s now as normal to light up a joint as it is to have a beer… It’s time for Australia to follow that lead – marijuana is not a crime, and the law must catch up.”

We are all for protesting for the legalisation of marijuana, but Willesee unfortunately didn’t seem to get too far at all, and he looked mildly like he was gonna shit himself. 

We got footage of the young man being taken away by the po-po, and asked a few Q’s to anyone willing to talk to us on the wondrous day that is 420.