WATCH: Donald And Melania’s First Dance Was Fifty Shades Of Awks

Video has emerged of President Donald Trump and wife Melania Trump‘s first dance following yesterday’s inaugural celebration, and it definitely makes for riveting viewing. 
At the Liberty Inaugural Ball, the first of several events the couple attended that night, they cut a rug to a version of Frank Sinatra‘s My Way, dancing solo at first before Mike Pence, his wife Karen Pence and others joined them. 
At first it’s not that bad – The Donald’s moves are a little stiff, but it’s really not that much different from watching parents dance at a wedding before the DJ puts on some ’90s R’n’B to get the kids on the floor. 
Then, however, he starts mouthing along to scattered lyrics and pumping his fist at people, and Melania appears to shoot him the look that’s universally-known as code for “please stop that darling, you’re embarrassing us.”
Soak it up:
Source: YouTube.
Photo: Washington Post / Getty.