WATCH: Dashcam Captures ‘Straya’s Crankiest Roo Obliterating Windscreen

We’re fairly sure 99% of videos with the terms ‘kangaroo’ and ‘dashcam’ in the title are more likely to wind up on LiveLeak than YouTube, but this one? Well, this one’s special. Partly due to the fact it’s not the car that does the hitting.

In fact, our grey mate in this piece of gonzo cinema seems pretty bloody okay with squaring up against the bastards who decided to roll through his turf near Castlemaine last night. By all means, he pretty much redefines ‘leaning in’.

If you’re here with earbuds embedded in your noggin, fair warning – Skippy makes his presence known with a bang, before disappearing once more into that black night, ready to fuck up any vehicle that dares to squeak past it at low speeds.

Create a brand new nightmare below:

If Russian dashcam vids are nothing but drivers being unperturbed by absolute chaos, the Australian genre is pretty well defined right here. Bon nuit, kangourou douce. 

Source and photo: Dellamotor / YouTube.