WATCH: Dash Cam Captures 4 QLD Gronks Hooning Halfway Out Of A Honda Civic

If you’ve been fanging for some video footage that’ll make you feel like your body is turning inside-out crotch first, then you’ll want to cop a load of this. 
Dash cam scenes posted to the Moreton Bay Crime Watch Facebook page on Saturday appear to show four shirtless blokes – yeah, four of ’em – leaning aaaall the way out of the windows of a white Honda Civic going 80 km/hr between Sippy Downs and Gardners Falls on the Sunny Coast. Check it out: 
Obviously cops are less than impressed with this deeply reckless disregard for personal safety. Acting Senior Sergeant Michael Warren told 7NEWS:
It’s extremely stupid and extremely reckless. If you can imagine, from what I understand, the vehicle was travelling at speeds of 80 kilometres an hour or more, and here’s a number of lads hanging out of the vehicle.

If any one of them had fallen onto the roadway, it certainly would have mean terrible injuries or death, or certainly the ones on the drivers side falling into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

Similarly risk-inclined lunatics are likely to point out that, well, it didn’t result in anyone dying or being terribly injured, but to those few I’d say: if the only way you can get your skirt blown up is dangling inches away from becoming a rusty smear on the blacktop, you might want to consider a quick life recalibration. Chess, I’m told, is almost as exhilarating, and you’re much less likely to turn into ooze if you put a pawn in the wrong place. 
Source: 7NEWS.
Image: Facebook / Moreton Crime Watch.