WATCH: Conan, Kevin Hart, Ice Cube Turn A Driving Lesson Into A Weed Run

In Conan‘s modern, post-NBC era, easily his funniest and most beloved bit involved Kevin Hart, Ice Cube, and a Lyft driver, rolling around Los Angeles and stirring up trouble.

And because lightning actually can strike twice in the same spot, the gangly ginger Irishman has gone ahead and done it again.
Assembling Hart and Cube once more, this time the terrible trio turns a driving lesson for one of Conan’s staffers into a raucous lesson in practical driving (always have the window rolled down so people can hear you abusing them), weed acquisition in California (pro-tip: best way to transport it? In a MF piñata), and the politics of fast food.

That said, I don’t know how on earth you’re supposed to record “lesson started with instructor giddily amused by extra brake pedal, then ended by dutching out the car with a member of NWA as front seat passenger played nice with a bike cop” in your log book.
Also, urge to drop everything and fly to America just to grab some Popeye’s: Rising.
Source: Uproxx.