WATCH: ‘Ciggy Butt Brain’ Creator Returns With Chilling Vid ‘Bout Utes

For a brief moment, Michael Cusack’s first YouTube video in five months is the picture of Australian suburban bliss. That should be cause for alarm, because calm domesticity is not exactly in the oeuvre of the bloke who hatched Damo and Darren.

Just as that realisation sets in, his trademark surrealistic bent kicks right back.  


Look, we’re not entirely convinced the dude behind ‘ciggy butt brain’ isn’t just David Lynch’s ocker incarnate, and this cryptic little nugget of weirdness basically heralds a bizarre new world. Chuck what in the ute? Where’s he going? Will that letter ever get posted?

So many questions. So much swearing. So little time. Nevertheless, it’s good to know the people of this fine nation are still being blessed with this particularly spot-on blend of oddness.

Photo: Youtube.