Hey mates. How’s things? How was your week? You look like you’ve all had a hectic one. It’s alright, though. It’s Friday! Why don’t you take a load off. Put your feet up. Relax into the weekend with a nice cool drink.

And if that ain’t enough to ease the tension from the shoulders, a shithot new slow jam definitely will be.

Chance the Rapper lifted the lid on his latest smooth, gospel-tinged, slow jamming single ‘Blessingstoday whilst paying a visit to everyone’s favourite fake laugher, Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show.

The single, coming off the artist’s upcoming new mixtape ‘Chance 3,’ features guesties from Byron Cage, Jamila Woods, and a whole goddamned choir.

Lean back into this one. It’s a dang Friday delight.

Chance 3 hits them internet airwaves on May 13th.

Source: The Tonight Show/YouTube.