WATCH: CCTV Footage Shows Cassie Sainsbury’s Quiet Arrest At Bogotá Airport

Security footage obtained by Channel 9 appears to show accused drug mule Cassandra Sainsbury during her arrest at Bogotá Airport in Colombia.
Sainsbury was arrested last Sunday while trying to leave Colombia for London, after 5.8kg of cocaine was found in her checked luggage. She is currently being held in El Buen Pastor prison, and a local judge has quashed hopes that she might be able to serve her jail time, if convicted, in Australia
The CCTV footage shows Sainsbury approaching the customs official with her passport, and then being led out of the customs hall and into a secure area. By this time the cocaine in her luggage had been discovered, apparently thanks to a tip-off from international drug agencies. 
After another couple of trips back and forth, she’s finally led out of the airport with her hands covered by a jumper in front of her. 
The 22-year-old is reported to be having a tough time in prison, according to her lawyer, who says she is “permanently crying”.  
We’ll keep you updated on this story as it continues. 
Source and image: Channel 9.