WATCH: ‘Casino Mike’ Is Now Officially An Insult Chanted At Sydney Gigs

There are very, very few circumstances where having your name chanted by a pulsing crowd at a hip hop gig is a bad thing.

Think about it: you have to legitimately be in thousands of bad books to have your moniker successfully used as a spiteful hype-up. Yet, just last night, NSW Premier Mike Baird managed that impressive feat by having his ‘Casino Mike’ title spat out by hundreds during Losty’s set at Sydney’s 1100-capacity Metro Theatre.

In a video chucked on Facebook, Losty – who’s supporting Kerser on his Next Step national tour – leads the crowd in a cathartic bit of communal yelling, stemming from Baird’s now ubiquitous (mis)handling of Sydney’s lockout laws and the State’s treatment of The Star Sydney casino. 

So I got the whole metro to give #casinomike a shout out tonight #Sydney #keepsydneyopen

Posted by Losty on Friday, 12 February 2016

The whole deal’s obviously made an impression on the rapper, who’s continuing to follow-up with Baird-based digs online.

Mike Baird aka #casino

Posted by Losty on Friday, 12 February 2016

Of course, while having a good ol’ rhythmic yell is well and good, an independent review into the city’s lockout laws just about to go down. 

Members of the public are well and truly invited to have their piece on the matter by emailing; those comments will go on to form part of the arguments either for or against these lockout provisions.

Still, it looks like public opinion has already been set. No word on whether Baird himself has caught Losty’s clip yet. 

Source: Facebook.
Photo: Facebook.