WATCH: Carrie Fisher Dishes Out A+ Banter Fodder In “Star Wars” Interview

With the looming release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the absolute, all-consuming, can’t-turn-around-without-being-reminded-of-it promotional juggernaut is in high gear – absorbing all who dare interact with the world in any way whatsoever into its clutches.

And, as such, the cast of the film has been hard at work hitting the road, making media appearances in literally just about every city on the map.
You’d forgive them, then, if all that got a little tiresome after a while.
Enter, Carrie Fisher – legitimate sass queen – who decided to leave what few remaining fucks she has to give back at the hotel room for this amazing appearance on Good Morning America.
Not only did she manage to turn what otherwise would have been a mundane, samey, run-of-the-mill movie-promotion interview into something else entirely, but she did so with her furry pal Gary – a tongue-drooping French Bulldog – whose lazy demeanour just about stole the entire thing.

Less everything else, moar Gary pls.
Hell, fire everyone and put Gary in charge of the show. Rename it Good Morning Gary and just have it be Gaz chilling on the couch for an hour or so every morning.
Guaranteed ratings dynamite.
For those of you who have managed to not learn this by now (seriously, teach us your ways), Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits cinemas on December 17th.
Source: Uproxx.