WATCH: Briggs Fixes Up Bill Shorten’s Very White Labor Ad On ‘The Weekly’

Bill Shorten made a very bad ad.

The Labor party ad, which was revealed earlier in the week, featured Shorten standing in front of a cast of all-white extras and weirdly attacking foreign skilled workers, asserting that a Labor Government would prioritise jobs for Australians first. The implication there being that Australia = all-white.
Beyond that, the ad was revealed to have been intended solely for regional Queensland, aka One Nation heartland.
Dragged by every conceivable outlet – even by leading members of his own party – Shorten attempted to pull a “sorry. Im sorry. Im trying to remove it” by insisting he hadn’t actually seen the final cut of the ad before it was pushed out to the public.
On ‘The Weekly‘ last night, the blessed Adam Briggs took the ad to task, offering his own fixed-up version of the ad that puts “First Australians First” when it comes to the job of pretending to have other jobs.
It’s a bloody ripper, folks.

Now that right there is a message we can all firmly get behind.
Briggs as the fake tradie. Give him multiple Logies immediately.

Source: The Weekly/YouTube.