WATCH: Bloke Has Near Miss W/ Truck In Very Uniquely Captioned Dashcam Vid

This dashcam footage, taken just before Christmas and uploaded to Facebook a couple of days ago, shows a truck nearly colliding head on with a car carrying a couple from the Queensland town of Struck Oil – and also somehow manages to make a near-death experience entertaining in the way only an old bloke from the country could. 
Kev Lemberg and his wife were on their way down the Mount Morgan Range southwest of Rockhampton (to do their Christmas shoppin’) when they rounded a corner and came nose-to-nose with the B-double. The truck was about 80% over the white double line and would clearly have smushed the older couple had they not been strictly observing the speed limit.
Happily, no-one was hurt, and now we have the privilege of experiencing the sublime combination of Good Old Kev’s excellent captioning skills and his magnanimous grumpiness. Check this cinematic masterpiece, captioned on Facebook with “Guess We Ain’t Ready To Go Upstairs yet”, below:
Not only does he gracefully explain why the video has no sound (all the swearing), we also get to catch a glimpse of the man himself, cigarette in mouth like an ageing cowboy, guiding his wife past the truck, as the caption compares the inconvenience of sharing the road with murderous idiots to having Parkinsons. Which Kev does. 
There just ain’t nothin’ like a bona fide Australian old bloke. In the immortal words of Kev: if you travelin’, please travel safe. 
Source: Daily Mercury.
Image: Facebook.