News vox pops. They’re a necessary arm of TV journalism. They’re also pressure-filled snippets where the average non-camera trained human being has a precious small window to get their brain in order enough to perform.

Most of the time these things pass by without incident; experienced journos are usually good enough to keep people on-topic and guide them through things.

But occasionally, every once in a while, the process completely breaks down, and the result is little more than pure spun gold.

7News Melbourne reporter Michael Scanlan found that out the hard way yesterday, when interviewing a very nice jogger by the name of Erica O’Donnell.

The interview itself? Perfectly fine. Nothing out of the ordinary. But right at the end, right when all that was needed was to take down a name, that’s when it all went south. Bless their sweet, sweet hearts.

Now, if we’re being fair here, and lord knows we are naught but fair all the sodding time, “can you spell first and last?” is something of a misleading request and Erica merely did exactly what was asked.

But who can be bothered dishing out blame when the results are this adorable?

That’s a real hearty lil slice o’ life for you right there, folks.

Source: Michael Scanlan/Twitter.