World renowned sandwich expert Aziz Ansari knows a thing or two about food, be it bean blankies, chicky catch, or pre-birds. Seems like it was a matter of time before he started making bank off of that. Eric Wareheim is a large, strange man who formed one half of the Tim & Eric comedic powerhouse. If he wants to talk about food, I say let him. Jason Woliner is a man who has directed a bunch of stuff for Human Giant, Funny or Die and Saturday Night Live, among others. There’s a darkness to him, deep down inside, that I can’t tear my eyes off of.

Also they all wear fantastic captain’s hats.

Food Club will make you hungry, it’ll make you laugh, and somehow it’ll really unsettle you. But, if nothing else, it’s totally worth it for the splendidly opulent opening titles.

Bon appétit!