Sure, of course. We all have a bit of perverse fun whenever a snake yarn hits the news cycle, because holy shit it ate a wallaby which is wild and nature is metal as fuck. That’s fine. Australia, etc.

But how many of you have actually stopped to think about the ramifications of snakes eating everything under the sun? What happens when they run out of things to eat? What then, geniuses!

If you had “snakes will literally starting eating themselves” in your office pool, then you can feel free to go tell Meryl in HR to suck it. Video from the mighty untamed wilds of Queensland has emerged showing one snek munging down on the fallen corpse of another.

Snake catchers Sally and Norman Hill were called to a property in Goodna, west of Brisbane, where the rare scene of an Eastern Brown Snake feasting on a Carpet Python was unfolding.

The Hills reckon it’s a bloody rare sight indeed to see one snake fanging down on another, and that an exploding snake population (shudder) leading to competition over food sources could be causing to eastern browns to resort to cannibalism.

“We’ve never seen something like this before, it’s very rare any snake catcher gets an opportunity to witness something like this.”

“We always heard the old saying ‘if you’ve got a carpet python you won’t have a brown’ so obviously that’s a myth.”

“We started in 2015, so we have pretty much doubled what we were doing when we started.”

Fuck’s sake.

The catchers waited at the property for a few hours while the big brown was feasting down, which is standard practice when dealing with feeding snakes.

“We just put him into the bag, if you disturb them too much they’ll regurgitate their meal and it’s just a waste.”

The big boy reportedly successfully finished his meal inside the bag, and was safely relocated by the Hills. And THAT’S ALL WELL AND BLOODY GOOD. But now the rest of us have jut gotta casually walk across this scorching chunk of rock with the knowledge that the native slitherers will even eat their own kind if they have to in order to catch a feed.

It’s just like the old Nokia 3310‘s foretold: Once the snake starts eating itself, it’s game over.

Source: ABC News.

Photo: Facebook.