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I think we all can agree that pranking videos are some of the funniest things on the internet, particularly when people freak the fuck out and react in totally unexpected ways.

We’ve all seen the classic: Spooky thing jumps out at unsuspecting guy. Unsuspecting guy’s knee-jerk reaction is to bop spooky thing right in the bonce. It’s brilliant. But then every once in a while a video comes along that totally changes the game in ways we could never have anticipated.

The Conjuring 2‘ turned out to be the highest grossing horror film in Australian box office history, and ahead of the DVD and Blu-Ray release on September 28th, distributor Village Roadshow decided to turn the heat up on a bunch of unsuspecting so-and-sos.

After a special screening of the film in a warehouse, people in the audience were directed to a waiting room for an “interview.” ‘Course instead of there being an actual interview, it was the ole’ two-way mirror scam with a hella spooky ghost person waiting behind.

And while for the most part the reactions were the standard screams (with even a lil popcorn throwing in there for good measure), the last bloke in the resulting video is truly something else.


The “Ahhh shit, sorry about that m8″ of scare prank reactions. Unbelievable. Put this bloke’s head on the new five dollar note *IMMEDIATELY*.

Source: YouTube.