WATCH: Aussie Dash Cam User Puts Train Horn On His Car To Fuck With Traffic

Bless whoever came up with the idea of putting Dash Cam compilations onto YouTube, because it is a genre that has saved me from countless hangovers and I owe it a mighty debt.
While the clear star of the show is the outrageously bonkers country lovingly referred to as Russia, here in Australia we’re certainly no slouches on the dash cam front.
Dash Cam Owners Australia is a particularly rich resource of hideous driving and gripping near-misses; the channel stuffed with enough content to stave off even the most fearsome of post-tequila sweats.
It’s latest video? A dead set pearler.
Some intrepid genius in Melbourne, tired of his regular, clearly impotent car horn not drawing being ignored by other motorists, has gone ahead and given himself a GTA-style upgrade to a meaty, pants-shittingly scary train horn.
On a personal note, being a resident of some of the areas featured in this video, this now completely solves the mystery of why I’ve occasionally heard train horns drifting in on the breeze despite living a country mile from any train lines.

If you ever get tired of dash cam vids (not bloody likely) “Cars With Train Horns” is another excellent YouTube rabbit hole. Might be something to keep in mind as a quick palate cleanser while you’re waiting for that UberEats order of chips and nothing but chips to arrive next post-pub meltdown.

Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia/YouTube.