Here’s a brief rundown on English media personality Piers Morgan for those who may be unfamiliar with his mug:

1. He’s one of the most outspoken right-wing voices in the British media and his influence has extended to an American audience;

2. As editor of The Daily Mirror, he was embroiled in that massive phone-hacking saga;

3. Brett Lee once fractured his rib with a bouncer:

There are many, many other deeply weird things about the bloke – not least of which was his recent crusade against Ewan McGregor – but for the purposes of this here article, we’re going to focus on his pally relationship with U.S. President Donald Trump.

Although he’s come out to gently criticise the Prez for his recent actions, he’s maintained a pretty solid defense of the bloke, which makes it very odd that he’d decide to take a seat on the panel of Real Talk With Bill Maher, one of the most anti-Trump shows around.

Also odd: the fact he saw it fit to defend Trump’s immigration ban in front of Aussie comic Jim Jefferies, who basically has an entire Netflix special devoted to how gacked Trump is.

After saying Trump’s executive order didn’t qualify as aMuslim ban”, Jefferies straight-up told the bloke to “fuck off.” What follows was a semi-slippery slope argument comparing Trump’s actions to Hitler’s, but damn if it wasn’t fiesty:

Sure, Jefferies ain’t exactly spotless – his specials have been criticised for including some very, very sexist misogynistic language – but that ocker take on the entire situation is definitely different from some of the more guarded ones we’ve heard from U.S. sources of late.

Source and photo: Real Time with Bill Maher / YouTube.