WATCH: Aus’s Toughest Umpire Unperturbed By Point-Blank Ball To The Face

The latest in a proud tradition of Aussie battlers comes in the form of this humble goal umpire, just trying to do his job at a Melbourne Demons v Gold Coast Suns AFL match today. 
If only life were that simple, eh?

Yep, poor cobb here copped a full-strength footy to the face, lifting him directly off his feet and leaving him to the mercy of that pitiless mistress, gravity. 
Does it stop him? No. Sparing not a moment to tend to his wounds, this paragon of fortitude is back on his feet in no time, signalling a goal for the Suns. 
This is the sporting content Australia wants to see.

They brought on the emergency umpire eventually, but our mate here will forever have the glory of ignoring his own blood nose to keep bein’ a blood legend at his job. Onya. 
Source: Twitter.
Image: Twitter / @AFL.