Yesterday, the world was greeted with a brand-spanking new trailer for Jason Bourne, featuring the ripply visage of seasoned ass-kicker Matt Damon. It’s a cracker, for real, and it’s also a world away from his lel/srs turn in 2009’s The Informant, where the bloke haphazardly mulls around in a suit, leaking corporate files.

“What in the fuck has that got to do with the link I just clicked?”, we hear you ask. Well, dear reader, Aunty Donna’s newest 1999 sketch is what would happen if both of those films had a very sweaty, very ‘Strayan love-makin’ sesh. And it’s fucking bonkers. 

After exhausting a lifetime’s supply of cocaine and starting a riot over neckties, it’s finally come to this. CEO Jimmy has some dirty secrets that need sellin’ on the worldwide market, and this perspiring Catholic high-school drop-out is the man for the job:

Honestly blokes, where to from here? Actually, no, we like the surprise. Carry on. 

Source: Aunty Donna / YouTube.