Good lord, is there anything that kills a buzz quicker than a shit Dungeon Master? One either outright not up to the task of running a game, or one so drunk on their own sense of power that they try and big time themselves and derail the quest?

For avid players of Dungeons & Dragons, it’s this that can sometimes prove to be the difference between a successful storming of the stronghold of Khundrukar, and a tedious evening spent trying to roll a 20 to cross a fucking river.

‘Course there’s bad Dungeon Masters, and then there’s lunatics out to give you cancer at every given turn.

Blessed sweet boys Aunty Donna‘s newest video for gaming comedy channel Insert Coin has exactly that: The devious Mark Bonanno steering the ship to cancertown as the precious Broden Kelly and gentle Zach Ruane attempt to navigate its impossibly disease-riddled pitfalls.

Owl bears. OWL bears. Owl BEARS. A noble, majestic creature, whose name we shall now never be able to excise from our heads.

Cheers, lads.

Source: Insert Coin/YouTube.