“To rich people, it’s a Coke and a milkshake or whatever. To me, it changes my children’s lives. It means my children have $7,000 more money every year to live on.”

So sayeth Duncan, a questioner on tonight’s jam-packed ep of Q&A, discussing the federal budget’s amendment to tax brackets for high income earners. ICYMI, The 37% taxation bracket will now only kick in once someone earns $87K a year – up from $80K.

And you best believe that seven grand would be useful to low income earners, too.

His entire succinct position – that proportionally, that money would mean a hell of a lot more to those like him – seemed to baffle Assistant Treasurer Kelly O’Dwyer, who rattled off a series of tangentially-related policies without, well, really touching on the threshold.

Reactions to her response were, well:

The entire program swept through a cavalcade of budgetary matters, but goddamn, all of that talk means naught if the nation’s leaders can’t explain their positions to the people they impact most.

Have a gander below:

Source and photo: ABC / Q&A.