WATCH: Andrew Bolt Couldn’t Hate #BlackLivesMatter Harder If He Tried

It’s one thing to claim the indefensible, racially motivated killing of five Dallas police officers by a black man is a horrific overreaction to the recent deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. 

It’s another one entirely to decry the entire Black Lives Matter movement as “dangerous paranoia” in a television package that is itself dangerously paranoid. 

But, Andrew Bolt is wont to do what Andrew Bolt does, and that is to blame entire cultures for the ills that befall them, while disregarding and denigrating those who are actually trying to make things better. 

In tonight’s episode of The Bolt Report, the eponymous host condensed the overflowing racial tensions of the past week into eight minutes of fear and vitriol, and claimed the emergence of Black Lives Matter groups in Australia is proof that tension is heading here. 

After bulldozing through a slab of statistics regarding black-on-black violence, he said “it seems the biggest problem here is a dysfunctional black culture and black violence especially. Blaming white racism is just making excuses.”

Without mentioning why only black Americans seem to be shot dead by (predominantly white) law enforcement officers for no reason, Bolt said “this same race-baiting story, this same anti-white story, is being imported here,” as evidenced by Melbourne’s upcoming BLM rally. 

A solid few minutes of pure fear-mongering followed, which addressed some crimes that didn’t even have an apparent racial motive. All the while Bolt still skirted BLM’s core argument. Not once does he concede that maybe, just maybe, Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean only black lives matter. 

“Dangerously fashionable” racism. Righto.


Source and photo: The Bolt Report / Twitter.