WATCH: An Entire Bar Full Of People Reacts To Game Of Thrones’ Trial By Combat


You’ve already seen a bunch of people react to the Trial by Combat that took place between The Red Viper and The Mountain on this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, with Tyrion Lannister‘s fate hanging perilously in the balance.

You’ve seen people in small groups, or individually, wince, groan, scream and yell at the bloody, horrific conclusion to the battle.
But how about seeing an entire bar full of people react at exactly the same time? NOW YOU CAN. It’s kind of awesome and, thanks to the video embedding the scene as well, you can ride the same emotional rollercoaster that all those crazy kids way the hell over in Chicago are on too.
Damn it. None of this would’ve happened if Oberyn weren’t such a lairising git.