WATCH: An Artist Explains Her Body Image Battle By Tricking Your Eyeballs

An artist called Jody Steel decided to create a video that artistically encapsulated the common societal battle with negative body image, and upload it to Facebook. And we’re glad she did, because it’s really bloody impressive, and impactful.

During the course of the video she paints the negative space on her own stomach black to leave an image of a tightly wound, knotted rope, to signify the struggles that so many people go through to achieve the ‘perfect body’. 
Steel’s responded to commenters on the post, saying that she herself has struggled with body image:
“Once I realised that naturally, I don’t have a coke bottle figure, or long and thin legs, I began to let go of the pressures I’ve felt to fulfill an image that our society has deemed the pinnacle of beauty. 

So let go of your demons and learn to enjoy the things you love in life. You can be healthy and happy.”
The video has been viewed a whopping 58 million times, and it will start playing with your eyes after a while. You’ll see what we mean:

Body Image by Jody Steel – A Timelapse DrawingMusic by Kylaido

Posted by Jody Steel on Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Source/Photo: Facebook