WATCH: Alec Baldwin Passes Down Trump Impression To Really Terrific Kid

They say a magician never reveals his secrets but if that were true there would have been precisely one magician.
Alec Baldwin, overall nutbag that he may be, has found himself something of a late-career comedic boon thanks in no uncertain terms to his remarkably good Donald Trump impression, which has been utilised frequently by ‘Saturday Night Live‘ with spectacular on-screen results and probably disastrous budgetary ones.
But if this is anything to go by, it seems that Baldwin is not doggedly holding on to this particular cash-cow, and is willing to spill the secrets of a great pisstake to the younger generation.
On the (blue) carpet for ‘The Boss Baby,’ in which Baldwin voices a capitalist infant, a young member of the press gallery pushed Baldwin for tips on how to perfect the Trump impression; a request that Good Guy Alec™ was more than happy to oblige.
The video is, we admit, not the best angle, and what’s being said isn’t exactly clear. But sometimes, dear friends, good advice should really only be heard by one set of ears, rather than everyone all at once.

That kid’s now got the keys to the comedy castle. So if nothing else, ‘SNL‘ knows where to look if they’re keen to save a few bucks this season.

Source: HuffPo.
Photo: NBC/Getty.