WATCH: ABC’s Stunning New Doco Series ‘Hello Stranger’ Has A Debut Trailer

We tend to throw the term “must watch” around with fairly reckless abandon. But seldom do we mean it as much as we do now.
The ABC is about to launch a 10-part new series on ABC iView that goes by the name of ‘Hello Stranger.’
The documentary series begins each episode by talking to ordinary Australians, plucked at random off the street and all asked a universal question: “What do you worry about?” “What are you addicted to?” “When have you broken the rules?” or “Where do you feel most at home?
Very simple questions, that all have surprising, confronting, and absolutely riveting answers.
From there, one story is “followed home,” and 10 different people from many different walks of life get their stories told. You might even recognise a couple of them: Your baby boi Bangs is in there, as is everyone’s favourite Instagram “celeb” Kurt Coleman.
But others, like Arnhem Land midwife Kim Henschke, or pro gamer Daniel Rowe, or MMA fighter Jessy Jess mightn’t be quite as familiar. But what they’ve got to say always has universal truth.
We’ve been fortunate enough to get a sneak peek at some of the episodes, and they are absolutely stunning. Beautifully shot, magnificently told, the series is raw and honest storytelling; heartwarming, funny, sad, brutal, and completely enthralling.
Aunty’s been kind enough to let us premiere the trailer for you here today, and you’d be well worth your while giving it a gander.

All ten episodes premiere on ABC iView next Friday, June 17th.
Do yourselves a favour.

Source: ABC iView.