Anyone who’s ever lived near, worked in, commuted through, or generally interacted with the CBD of a large city will have seen the full gamut of buskers, from the good like Melbourne’s infamous bass-slapping Funky Bunny, to the bad like a drunk middle-aged Greek man warbling into a karaoke machine.

But occasionally, from time-to-time, you get lucky and encounter the truly sublime whilst traversing from point a to point b.

Those of you navigating the perils of Sydney‘s City Circle train line might have come across this in recent times, but holy shit does it ever bare relaying here.

A busker captured performing in Town Hall Station has apparently cottoned on to the skeleton key of change gathering, with his spot-on, hauntingly beautiful rendition of the ‘Game of Thrones‘ theme liberally accompanied by the clanging of coins.

The violinist, Vasiliy Shapkin, often performs with his brother Vladimir. But on this occasion all he’s got to carry him is a simple backing track. And be fucked if it ain’t enough to make you want to charge onto your peak hour train like you’re the Unsullied marching into Meereen.

Bonus note: How’s that cheap idiot fishing around for change at 1:20? Come on, m8. All donations are exact change.

Source: YouTube.